This blog was originally called The Reawakening at 28 after a break up 2 years ago which shook me to my core. I moved out, lived alone and started again, with a few hiccups along the way. Eventually though, I worked it out and found out alot about myself in the process. That stuff became what I blog about, albeit very sporadically and without much finesse.

I turned 30 this year (2013) and although it initially filled me with misplaced dread, I’m loving it. They say your twenties are to make the mistakes and your 30’s are to enjoy living with the knowledge that the mistakes have been made – while I am still making some and paying for some, life has indeed taken an upturn for me.

I’m currently living in West Yorkshire, having come full circle from west to north to west again and I’m still as unsure and sure about a heap of things in this life. I’m in a relationship with a lovely man (yes, a man) having finally come to terms in my head that while the last 10 years were with women, men are still a massive part of my sexual identity. Bisexuals have an unfair rep that they are greedy, that they want to have it all, that they are confused. Not so. There is no confusion here, no greed, just love. I have said on countless occasions you are not supposed to help who you fall for and if you were, you’d never fall for anyone. For this I am glad. Otherwise I would never have fallen for him.

So, here I am. 30, with a man and our adopted cat. In a flat in West Yorkshire, working out this life I was given and enjoying the adventures along the way. Feel free to come along for the ride – please bring cake.

New beginnings

New beginnings


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