End of 2017 round up

Another year draws to a close, and so as is my tradition, I’m writing the New Years Eve post. I’ve been writing this blog for 6 years; 6 years of documenting the highs and with them, the lows. This year has been no exception with job changes, physical challenges, pushing personal limits and learning to do new things. My resolutions from January have been a bit hit and miss; some I’ve achieved, others have slipped and there have been other new things that I never even put into words that have come to fruition. We’ve had heartache and bereavement and new additions, both feline and human.  I’ve baked a lot, cooked a lot more, made lots of new blankets and gifted a fair amount to new parents. I’ve cried buckets of tears and laughed until I’m crying again. To say its been quite a busy year would be an understatement.


  • New job! Although now I’ve been there 10 months, it’s no longer new and I’ve definitely lost the new girl status. It’s by no means an easy job, and it will continue to be a challenge but I relish it – and I’d rather not watch my integrity disappear down the drain!
  • New job meant new skills and I passed my exams to be a lead auditor without too much hassle.
  • I can swim and walk and jump in puddles and run again! The physio that started the year was brutal but effective and the hard work that I put in paid off. I was able to start the C25K again (and I still need to complete it) and I swam 2.5k for Marie Curie, followed by a 5k swim (in 2 halves) for Aspire. The latter half of the year was a bit more sedate, on account of the new job and being so busy I barely had time to breathe.
  • I finally became confident enough to try baking and cooking lots more new things. Bread, once feared and ignored because I was too scared to try making it, is now firmly on the list of things I can make. I made cookies and proper vegetarian curry, daal, new chicken tray bakes, the ever favourite red velvet cake, Malaysian curry, roasted veggies and grains, gluten and dairy free brownies, stews and soups, granola and pastry and mincemeat. I’ve learnt that if something goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world. Husband’s colleagues have been well supplied with various nibbly things!
  • We had a mini break in Brussels! A lovely trip where we ate and watched our way round a bit of Brussels – Husband’s first ever trip by plane and it was a success.
  • We adopted our two furry boys in September and they have helped us heal the hurt after we lost our beloved Tink.
  • Yarndale! This year was extra special as I got to be part of the festival from a sellers perspective and helped Wool Couture with their first ever time at Yarndale…we’ll be back next year for sure!
  • I became an auntie – Henry marched into being on July 4th and has made my parents very gaga grandma and grandpa!


  • We lost our beloved and irreplaceable Tinkabelle in August. She went downhill very quickly, making us realise we had to do the kindest and the hardest thing we’d ever have to do. She gave us so much and we miss her, we always will.
  • Having to admit that the job I took last year just wasn’t working out after only 7 months – this was a bitter-sweet realisation.
  • Adding my name to #metoo.

On balance, it has been a good year! I sold a few bits of crochet, had a couple of commissions and made a dent in my stash, although there is still more to use. As for 2018, I’m not making any resolutions just yet. They’ll make themselves known, in good time.

From my little corner of the internet, Happy New Year! See you all in 2018!


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