On On…

As I write this, I’m wrapped under a blanket watching Sherlock. It’s not very warm outside and I’m in grave danger of sticking the heating on before the timer kicks in. January has been a mixed bag but after a truly appalling start, appears to be on the up…especially as it is the last day and February is practically through the door and taken its shoes off. The 30 day challenge only got to Day 4 before I ended up in hospital with a kidney infection. On doctors orders, I stopped the squats, the press ups and the burpees until I was no longer ill. I got better but sort of forgot to start the routine again.

I have however, started to use the turbo again and I’m aiming for 30 minutes, 3 times a week. This is week 2 and so far I’m on track with the goal. This morning was the hardest 30 minutes with a very strong urge to puke when I’d finished. I didn’t but it was a sign I’d pushed harder than I have been doing and it felt good (when the nausea had subsided). Slowly, my bum is protesting less to the saddle and my legs and lungs are remembering how to work properly. I’m not about to enter the Tour of Britain but I’m perversely enjoying the sessions.

I’ve sweated more than I thought possible while not actually moving an inch and I’m doing more laundry on account of the clothes I use to exercise in need washing more frequently but hopefully, this new routine will stick and take me into February ready to get my running shoes back on and start all over again. It is too flipping cold at the moment and the paths I use are too icy and the lighting isn’t great so until it is light enough to run after work, the turbo is my starting point. Not a bad starting point; I can have a shower straight after and I don’t have to worry about falling over and having to get home and I can have the radio on without it slowing me down.

As far as inches go, there is no change. Admittedly, it is just a rough figure rather than a scientific certainty but even a rough estimate that doesn’t change is a good thing. Onward to February and I’m looking forward to starting the January challenge again (and completing it) and getting back into my running shoes. As the Hashers would say “On On”.

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