Colour wash, granny square blanket…

I worked out I’ve been crocheting for a couple of years now and for most of the time, I’ve been making things for other people and gifting blankets as and when the occasion arose. It’s not that I don’t like my own creations, I just like making things for other people and there are times when a blanket is really useful, especially when they have new babies. Today however, I completed the very first blanket that I’m not gifting to anyone else. We get to keep it and snuggle under it and spill pizza sauce on it.

I’ve also made my sister and her husband a wedding blanket which just so happened to be gifted to her today, via my parents. I actually made her two blankets, the first one went missing in the post. I spent a good long time stewing about the Stolen Wedding Blanket and the bought new yarn in new colours and made a Better New Wedding Blanket. And it was even better than the first one.

Wedding Blanket number 1

Wedding Blanket number 1

As of right now, I have no WIP’s (work in progress) and nothing waiting to be sewn in. I do have a small list of items that are about to be started, namely a shawl, 2 baby blankets and 1 baby patchwork blanket, a shawl for me and a gift of which I cannot speak lest the giftee catch on and then it won’t be a surprise. Oh and a baby blanket for my mum that she wants to gift a friend for their new baby. For now though, I’m going to revel in my new, rainbow coloured, granny square blanket. Before it becomes sullied with pizza sauce and toast crumbs. Thank goodness it washes at 40C and tumble dries on low.

I wish I’d kept a portfolio of pictures of all the stuff I’ve made, not so I can show it to people (although I probably would, I’m a chronic over-sharer) but mainly so I can look back and see how far I’ve come since my very first wobbly, wonky and poorly tensioned granny square that I made while battling stomach cramps. So, as of now, my projects will be photographed for posterity and my own egotism.