Starting again

Ah January. The start of the new year and a chance for people to have a metaphorical clean slate. All the excess of Christmas and the New Year is over and the desire to shed the hibernation weight is in full swing. I’ll admit, I’ve joined the bandwagon this year when all I really want to do is carry on hibernating. The peer pressure/support of my friends via Facebook has seen me sign up for the January challenge. A challenge indeed – a set of push ups, squats and the humourous named burpees. Everyday, the set of reps increase until a rest day when there are just 2 of each to complete. So far, I have completed days 1 and 2 without mishap. It’s not pretty, but it is being done. Husband has to count for me seeing as I seem incapable of moving, breathing and counting at the same time. This woman cannot multitask, contrary to the stereotype.

The menu of doom

In conjunction to this challenge. I’m making use of a deal at work. For £10, I get to go to a “boot camp” after work and I’ve somehow managed to convince my friend Adele to come along too.  Apparently, it’s a mixture of cardio and resistance training using bodyweight and equipment (kettlebells…hells bells). I’ve got the body weight so why not. I have no idea whether I’ll enjoy it and frankly I don’t care. It’s 45 minutes of kicking my ass into gear and stepping up the activity levels in a bid to get me back running regularly again. I used to run…I’ve blogged about it before. I’ve raised money for Macmillan through running with my ex girlfriend. And I’ve also stopped running – but carried on eating so I’ve put on a bit of the weight I’d previously shed.

I’m somewhere in the middle…I’m aiming for the right

January seems like a good starting point – if for no other reason that I can monitor my progress from a handy chronological starting point. To add a bit of a motivation, I’ve taken my key measurements and I’ll take them again at the end of January. Whether they change or not is to be seen but its a better indication of change than the scales. I also do not own any scales so I’m not about to buy some just so they can annoy and torment me.

Chest (under boobs)


Bust (boobs)






So, this is me. Getting fitter and less chunky. It’s not going to be pretty but it will improve my health and my life.


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