Fail to plan, plan to fail…and other such pearls of wisdom

There are 2 sayings that until today, I never really paid much attention to, and when I did pay attention to them (half way down the pool, while trying not to cry) I finally “got it”. The two phrases in question?

“Fail to plan and you plan to fail” & “dress for success”.

Firstly, a distinct planning failure today has resulted in the loss of my goggles. I swam yesterday and thought I’d repacked my goggles after getting dressed in the changing room. Clearly, I didn’t check well enough and when I came to put my goggles on today, they were missing. After emptying my entire kit bag, all the pockets and the internal pouch, they we very evidently missing. I assumed they were at home, on the floor maybe after falling out of the bag when I put the towel in the washer, but no. No goggles at home either. I tried to swim without them, closing my eyes under water and opening when I surfaced to take a breath and all that did was get chlorine water in my eyes anyway.

One quick haul ass to the reception and emergency goggles purchased, I found myself understanding the second saying of dress for success. People dress for meetings in a certain way to portray a certain image or persona. We dress for the weather, we dress to impress others and we dress for practicalities, so why should sport or exercise be exempt from this rationale? I realised I dress for success in the pool, by having a swimsuit that fits well and is comfortable, I don’t worry about it riding up my butt or falling down and giving everyone a free topless show. I use a swimming cap to keep my hair out of the way and I have my goggles with their prescription lenses so I can see in the pool. My sight isn’t great without my specs, most things become a blur and in the water, I don’t get on well with pool water coming into contact with my eyes. So my goggles, while inexpensive, give me confidence and enable me to swim without worrying about sore eyes, bumping into people or hitting the wall at either end.

My emergency purchase goggles were not up to the job, leaking and generally being a poor second pair. They got me through another kilometre in the pool but for the majority of it, I was steaming. Angry at myself for failing to check my kit before I left the house, angry I couldn’t swim without my goggles and angry that I lost them in the first place. I’m also angry that someone would have seen them at the pool, either in the shower or the changing rooms and hasn’t handed them in – the prescription is mine and would be pretty useless for anyone else.

When I got home, I took my frustration out on dinner and put on the only music I could think of; excessively cheesy and bad Euro-pop in the form of Tatu. They were the sound track to my university days when I was angry about so many things I fail to remember all of them. However, the voice of reason of Husband has killed the anger and I know I can buy another pair without making myself bankrupt (thanks Wiggle).

On a positive note, I swam a mile in just under an hour yesterday and another kilometre today…not too shabby really. Dinner will be well-earned tonight and I’m well on my way to being able to swim the 2.5km I’ve signed up to for Marie Curie’s 2017 Swimathon. As Dory would say, “Just keep swimming”.

2 responses to “Fail to plan, plan to fail…and other such pearls of wisdom

    • I’m really hoping they appear next time I’m there, either someone picked them up by mistake or realised they are prescription and brings them back. I’ve bought a new pair, might invest in another pair and keep them in the car, just to be on the safe side. But quite pleased I went anyway. Xx

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