New girl

Those of you that know me well are aware I’m a bit obsessed with the Paddington movie. I simultaneously identify with Paddington and with Mrs Brown. I’m mostly found to be feeling out of my depth and unsure where I fit in with the world but will also talk to pretty much any animal I meet and ditto strangers on trains/bus stops/the village shop. Husband despairs when we go out, especially if there are animal roaming freely (or not so freely, it really doesn’t matter) due to the fact that I will, at some point, start talking to said animals and may want to get close and make friends. This may be due to the fact that when having a nice chat with a Highland cow a few years back, I nearly ended up being gored in the face by one of its horns. I was just being polite…my face however is not cow proof.

This week, I am excelling in my role as New Girl at New Job. I say role because right now, it doesn’t actually feel like it’s my actual job on account of all the Learning New Things that is going on but I’m assured that it really is my actual job and that eventually it will feel permanent. Much like Paddington, I’m remembering my manners, engaging people in conversation and trying to generally fit in as much as possible while still remembering how to walk into a room of strangers without resorting to discussing the weather, politics, football (why??) or my cat. Given that we are only just done with Day 2, I’d say that so far, it has been a success. No one has given me a Hard Stare yet either, which I know is definitely a Very Good Thing.

I mostly feel a bit like this:


But hopefully, in few weeks, it will be more like this:

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