Kabuto Noodles – when instant noodles grew up

It’s not often I get the itch to write about my lunch at work, especially when it’s not leftovers from dinner or something pretty spectacular from the canteen, so today is fairly momentous. Lunch today was a pot of noodles, instant noodles at that. Not just any instant noodle though, no siree. These noodles are special noodles, Kabuto noodles no less. Before I go any further, I’ll just say this – I will be raving about these noodles because they might have changed the way I see instant snacks and ruined all others for me. No longer will I crave the Supernoodle, food stuff of students; Kabuto is the way it’s headed. When I had the idea to write a post about my lunch, I had to write out on paper with a pen why I should even bother reviewing a cup of instant noodles. Surely it was just lunch – a quick 20 minute break from the daily grind at work? No my friend, this was not an ordinary lunch break. Well, it was in that I was on my own, at work and had to have lunch…but oh what a lunch it was.

Lunch has a new warrior

When I say instant noodles and soup what comes to mind? Plastic pots, a disc of dried wiggly starch and a fiddly, greasy plastic sachet of “soy” sauce? Put all your preconceptions aside and listen to me, just for a minute – or 5 (depending on reading speed). I too thought that all instant noodle snacks were created equal but I’ve been proved wrong. Kabuto Noodles are, according to their website “…a delicious combination of authentic Asian flavours and quality ingredients, prepared with the skill, dedication and discipline of a Samurai warrior”. I bought a pot on a whim a couple of weeks ago when I was on my Born to Carry course in Sheffield and needed lunch that would only require a kettle or microwave as we were in our teacher’s house. Chicken Pho was my choice that day and it was so good people on the course wanted to know what I was eating and what was in it. Happily I told them, but my noodles and the soup were slurped down (not sharing these babies!) and a successful lunch break was had.

Today was the turn of Chicken Ramen and my first experience was not a one-off. Delicious, well-balanced flavours of chilli, ginger, coriander, spring onion, soy sauce and thin egg noodles. No palm oil (orangutans people), no monosodium glutamate, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate (what the hell is that stuff?!), no skimmed milk powder (in noodles?!). There was no sachet of soy sauce as the soy sauce was already in the mix which meant less waste too. Other than the very cool, minimal design on the front, what really sealed the deal for me was a couple of things that maybe other people don’t give a fig about – smell and recycling. When I opened the pack, it smelled good, appetising and appealing. The other thing is all the packaging is recyclable, lid included. As well it should be! The Chicken Ramen was 320 calories (if you care about such things) and I actually felt like I’d eaten a proper lunch. The soup is perfectly seasoned, neither too salty or too bland, the noodles soften perfectly and you get a lovely warm chilli buzz when the last sip has been slurped.

In the interests of fairness, I tried really hard to think of some negatives. And failed. Only one of the Kabuto range will be off my list (Prawn Tom Yum) and that’s only because I get sick when I eat the little buggers – and as I said to Kabuto, that would not make a great review…for anyone.

So, Kabuto, you’ve got yourself a convert.


I bought my Kabuto noodles with my own hard-earned moolah and wrote this review simply because I bloody love these noodles. I did write a review on Kabuto’s website and they did contact me saying they would be happy to have me blog about my taste experience. If I’m a good girl, they might send me noodles. But even if they don’t I’ll still buy more.

Kabuto are available at Co-op, Sainsbury’s, Booths, Waitrose, Tesco, Whole Foods, Budgens, Ocado and Amazon – I bought mine for £1.99 from Co-op.


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