New Year…loading Please wait.

I’m having a false start to the new year. So far, I’ve been to hospital twice, made very good friends with my toilet and have been taking extra meds on top of the ones I already take. One is the Pill, the other is the anti-depressant that keeps my moods stable and my serotonin levels on a fairly even keel. It’s not life threatening, the hospital visit; just a simple, if not annoying kidney infection and kidney stones. No surgery required, just a week-long course of antibiotics and drinking a seriously huge amount of water and non-caffeinated drinks, which isn’t altogether a bad thing seeing as I’m horrendously bad at remembering to drink enough water throughout the day. Incidentally, I’ve discovered a herbal tea that doesn’t taste like dishwater  (Twinings Peppermint and Nettle FYI).

Zingy, not stingy. I should have been in marketing.

The new year was supposed to be a fresh start in a number of ways; fitness, craft and home. The fitness (or as I’ve just mistyped, fitmess – yes, I’m aware of the irony) start had already got off to a good start. I’d reached Day 4 of the challenge I’d signed up for with the burpees, the press ups and the squats. I’m not what is known as a team player outside work – I like my own company when I’m running (when I was running). So, to make it past the horrible first day, was for me a big deal. My quads were screaming every time I walked down stairs,  my shoulders were sore but I was starting to look forward to doing Day 5 and beyond. This was new – I was enjoying being part of the “pack” and I was enjoying being able to continue increasing reps.

The kidney issue has meant that exercise was put on hold until the antibiotics have run their course and I feel better. The antibiotics finish tomorrow morning and I am finally, after a week of feeling rubbish, feeling better. My appetite is back, I’m sleeping better again and I’m enjoying being me again. My mental health is linked to my physical health – in so far that when I’m ill I become very low and snappy. I’m rubbish at being ill as has been pointed out to me and by me on many an occasion. Thankfully, I’m on the mend and my head is back in the usual more stable and less cranky version of me.  That includes the craft element. I’m crocheting again and the projects are on a roll.

So, despite the false start, I’m back. January is trundling on and I shall trundle with it. The challenge can be started again and I’m sure it won’t mind that it will over lap with February. The Macmillan Fundraising Team I ran for 3 years ago had a saying: “It’s not when you finish, it’s why”. I’ll finish that challenge, whether I have to start it another 5 times but I’ll finish because I want to and because it is never a bad idea to do something that scares you…even if that is only Burpees.


I also had another reason to fall in love with my husband again. The herbal tea that I mentioned? He bought it for me a while ago to try to sort out my occasional insomnia. He is a peppermint tea drinker on occasion, so thought it might do me good too. We ran out of the mint and nettle one today – so he goes to Amazon, signs up to a tea subscription and we have 4 boxes of the mint and nettle tea winging its way to us by 19th January. It may only be tea to most people, but to me it is reason #412 out of millions why I married him. I must be feeling better – I’m getting slushy.

All the slush.

2 responses to “New Year…loading Please wait.

  1. We’ve started the New Year with a nasty virus too. It’s horrible. Glad you are on the mend. This weekend has been all about sleep and recharging for us, for you too I hope… 🙂

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