Smug married

Clearly there is something amiss in the Universe. Two posts in as many days is unheard of given that I am, by self admission, a sporadic blogger but clearly when the urge to write strikes, it shouldn’t be ignored. So here I am, not ignoring the urge and tapping away whilst watching a Harry Potter movie (Order of the Phoenix if you’re interested). The inspiration came from the Husband albeit in absentia – he is out on his work Christmas meal and I’ve been working from home while the cooker hood was replaced. We lead such glamourous lives.

Just like me…except with a cat…not a phoenix

Working from home is fine, it provides the solitude that the open plan office fails to give and I get a fair bit done while at the same time, I can have people finally repair things that I’ve reported to the landlord – two birds, one stone. It was only when the working hours were over and the home stuff took over I realised that the house was completely silent. No music on, no kettle on, no TV, no Husband and the cat had abandoned me in favour of our bed. Only a couple of years ago I was living alone and relished that silence of a solely occupied house; now its a sign that my rock and anchor is adrift elsewhere. Sounds a bit melodramatic I know…I’m aware it is only dinner and he will be coming back – I’ve not entirely lost the plot.

People have asked me how it feels to be married and I’ve repeated said no different to cohabiting with my boyfriend before we were married. However, tonight it struck me that being married means that I don’t have to be alone (unless he is out…we have a life that isn’t tied to each other). Alone in respect that I have someone to talk to about the mundane shit that occurs everyday. Alone in respect that I don’t have to have a cold side of the bed. Alone in respect that if I’m sick, there is someone there who will care for me – in sickness and in health. All of that goes both ways though and while I know I drive my Husband mad with my mess, my muttering and my inability to finish most tasks I also know that when I’m away, we are as pleased to see each other as we were when we first got together.

Tonight, while I was sitting in my pyjamas, slurping pasta from a bowl and watching a Drew Barrymore movie was when I thought of a whole raft of things I love about being married…not all of them serious. And while I loved being single and having my own space, sharing it is even better.

10 Things that are better with Husband

  1. Bacon sandwiches – he just makes them better than I can
  2. Bedtime – someone to natter to and read the occasional bed time story
  3. Slobbing out on a Sunday with a film
  4. Decorating the christmas tree (he is much better wielding a bauble)
  5. Cooking. (see point 1 – can cook – but he does it better)
  6. Catching a spider – flipping hate them. He catches, releases into the outside and then convinces me they are gone.
  7. Showers – who else will wash your back? Try doing it properly when you’re on your own…it involves a body puff wedged to the wall and then a kind of bear like scratching up and down. Not safe in the shower. Uh uh.
  8. Sex – it gets a bit samey on your own.
  9. Laughing until your face hurts. There is nothing better that laughing with my Husband.
  10. Driving long distances – he drives and I sleep.

Clearly, there are too many awesome things about Husband to list and frankly, no one but me is interested in that many. But sitting here, with Harry for company until curry infused Husband returns, makes me ever so grateful we picked each other. I get what the fuss was about; I’m a smug married. Marriage is awesome. And he shares biscuits – what more could I ask for?

Oh and that too.


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