From Miss to Mrs

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my husband.

Husband on the left, best man on the right. Cake was somewhere in the middle

Husband on the left, best man on the right. Cake was somewhere in the middle

Yep, we did it, the day went off with only a slight hitch (couldn’t find the bloody registry office…we got there with 10 minutes to spare) and while we were circling the inner ring road of Huddersfield, with my maid of honour in the car behind us it dawned that if we were the only ones to show up, we would be ok…we had the bride and groom, the best man had the rings and was in the car with us and the maid of honour and flower girl behind us. One short run in the rain (Alanis, it is NOT ironic. It is slightly annoying.) and we were in, my photographer greeted us with a huge smile and suddenly, it was time. Time to walk the short distance from Miss to Mrs and it was the most nerve-wracking, sweat inducing, voice shaking thing I’ve ever done. But I loved every second – from my dad walking me to The Husband (I still love saying that word) to saying my vows and concentrating with every molecule so I didn’t say the wrong words or cry and beyond. I managed to keep it together without a tear until we signed the register and then it got too much. All the build up and emotion got out and the lovely registrar had to rescue me with a tissue. I remember saying to Tom “We did it! We’re married!” and his eyes matched my smile.

We're married!

We’re married!

The register was signed, the music played and we had our pictures. My family, Tom’s family, my maid of honour and the best man (who was the best best man we could have hoped for) my koala baby flower girl who was possibly the star of the show. I distinctly remember sobbing slightly with the sheer amount of love I was feeling, for Tom, for my family who had front row seats, for the family I was joining (thanks to my awesome mother in law who reminded Tom’s dad that they hadn’t lost a son, just gained a daughter) and for my oldest, bestest friend who shone as my maid of honour. The smiles say it all really – our wedding was the next step in our relationship and one that felt as natural as walking.

The whole gang

The whole gang

As we walked out of the ceremony room and past our assembled friends and family, I remember thinking “this is what winning feels like” and without really thinking, raised my bouquet. One thing I am really glad about is we kept it small, simple and as some would say, intimate. Even the 30 people we had wanted there felt like lots of people as I walked in so I would absolutely recommend keeping numbers low! The venue was gorgeous and we had a couple of shots on the rather sweeping staircase before venturing out as a married couple. I had been told that the confetti shots needed setting up as getting 30 people to throw confetti at 2 specific people didn’t always go according to plan…I think I got lucky and suddenly we were being showered with paper. My face ached from the massive grin that refused to be wiped off my face.

The confetti gauntlet

The confetti gauntlet

Before we knew it, we were having lunch with all the people we wanted. Mum had warned me that if I looked back at the pictures in 20 years all I would see was friends having lunch and I’m so glad we will see that. The room was warm and filled with love, tapas and sweets on the tables. Party poppers, balloons and party bits completed the feeling of a celebration that I will remember forever and I know several of my friends have said they are still thinking about the day. The lanterns and additional candles made it so cosy and calm without feeling like we were in a saccharine bubble and people seemed to love being able to take home the pick and mix sweets with their lanterns.

Atmospheric lighting is a must

Atmospheric lighting is a must

Another note: never underestimate how good sweets are for getting people talking, or indeed distracting small children, ditto colouring books – although the children might have to fight for them as most adults seem to like colouring in too.

Maid of honour captures our likeness…

La Tasca were fabulous and I’m so glad we chose to have our reception there. The atmosphere was fabulous, the food wonderful and they didn’t bat an eyelid when I turned up the day before to set up. All my dietary issue guests ate without issue and nothing was too much trouble for them – and so much friendlier than a hotel in the middle of nowhere. Fast forward to the afternoon/evening and a select bunch (aka The Original Mundanes) trooped back to our house for tea and a sit down before round 3 and the pub with my work colleagues. Tom had shed his suit in favour of his jeans and while I envied him, there was no way my dress was coming off until bedtime. More cake, a few more drinks and we were done – that was our day. A day packed with friends, family and love. Fireworks on the cake, pick and mix, tapas, vows and flowers. We fell into bed after sitting down just the two of us and opening our cards and incredibly generous gifts.



I do need to thank several people for their role in getting us to the wedding point…and for getting us in the same room, just over 2 years ago 🙂

C – without your housewarming, there would be no wedding. Good call making us sleep in different rooms that night.

M & S  – for bringing Tom to C’s! And S, for your incredible baking skills. Our wedding cake is still being eaten and it was just exquisite. If the NHS doesn’t work out, you have your career!

The best man! I’m so sorry for waking you up at 4.30am…and thank you for listening to me prattle on for hours.

My fabulous maid of (dis)honour – a quarter of a century and still we are 8 years old creating havoc. For sticking me into my dress, for talking me down when I was a bundle of nerves and for everything else in between, I love you. Now, can I be your maid of dishonour please? And thank you for giving me your fiend – she rocks.

My brilliantly talented and flipping awesome friend and wedding photographer, Mr Finlay Costello of Photofin fame. I will never be able to thank you enough. For everything. Especially, my fabulous wedding pictures. Apologies for the amount nipple you’ve had to edit. (all pictures, except the dinosaurs, taken by you)

Lastly, but only because he deserves the final say (if only here), to my husband. My rock. You have said that I say thank you too often along with “I’m sorry”. So, there will be no sorry but only a little thank you. Thank you for not running a mile rather quickly when I fell apart, for never giving up on me or us and for your love and cooking. The love is the best bit though. 25 to life?

Wednesday 15th October - 11am. The best day so far

Wednesday 15th October – 11am. The best day so far

5 responses to “From Miss to Mrs

  1. As if I didn’t cry enough at your wedding … just read this and started all over again! It was a beautiful day and a perfect celebration of your commitment to each other. The rest of us had a great time too. Love ya both xxx

    • From one JAM to another, I’m so glad you came! We wouldn’t have done it any other way and I’m still a bit floaty. Getting used to my new name now! Love you xxxx

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