I’m getting married in the morning!

T’was the night before the wedding and all through the house
Everyone was stirring, even the mouse…

Ok, so maybe I’m not the best poet nor can I remember the flipping words for sodding poem that I was trying to plagiarise. I thought it only appropriate given that this blog is documenting my life and loves after 30, that I posted about my wedding …oh god! I’m getting married in the morning! In a little over 12 hours, I’ll be a married woman. I cannot wait to be saying the words and standing in front of The Boy when he becomes The Husband. I cannot wait to see my family and friends share the day with me, even if some cannot stay until the evening and some are only coming to the pub in the evening. Most of all, I cannot wait to realise the belief that The Boy is the man I’m marrying.

Almost 2 years to the day…

When I met him, just over 2 years ago I was struck by the very calm belief that I had met the man I was going to marry. No one was more surprised than I, given that I had spent the last 10 years in relationships with women. Suddenly, here was this chap who rendered me speechless  and twitchy for all the right reasons. So, here we are, on the eve of our wedding, with my hair in rollers, my nails painted, the best man on our sofa blowing up balloons and watching “From Paris with Love”. Which is where we are heading on Saturday for our honeymoon – not sure which one I’m more excited about; getting hitched or going on holiday.

How long can we make a honeymoon last?

Today has been a mix of stress, excitement and lots of arranging. Arranging of lanterns, of tables, of cake boards, of surprises and a few other things besides. I’m ridiculously lucky to have my maid of honour down from Scotland for the whole week. This afternoon  was spent on the sofa under a patchwork quilt with her, while her fiance and daughter played and chatted with us. Small girl daughter will be the unofficial flower girl, unofficial as there are no bridesmaids or page boys and seeing as her mum is my witness it makes sense to include her in the event. She’s also ridiculously cute – I may be upstaged by a 3-year-old. MOH and I have known each other since we were 6 – she is the only person I would want as my maid of honour. Or dishonour as we lovingly call it.

Best friends even after 25 years…

The Boy’s younger brother is the Best Man and Tom’s witness. He is also ICOR (In Charge Of Rings), something we only told him tonight before dinner. Oops. Neither The Boy or I have had a hen or stag do. I was taken out for afternoon tea with my lovely team and colleagues from work but that was about as hen do-ey as I’m ever going to be comfortable with. If you venture into Leeds on a weekend, you can play hen do bingo – the best I’ve ever scored is 8. 8 lots of women in random fancy dress/posh frocks getting wasted from 10am. Sounds like hell to someone who doesn’t drink, can’t walk in heels and doesn’t really enjoy massive parties. So tonight’s chilli and movie fest is perfect for us on our last night as a cohabiting yet unmarried couple.

This. Is. Hell.

There a few things that I might not do if I was having to plan another wedding – so it’s a good thing I’m only planning on doing this once! Bridal websites would be one of them. While I love seeing other weddings planned and discussed, when I looked a couple of sites, it seemed very overwhelming. Everyone has an opinion and that’s great but the end result has to be right for the people getting married. I’ve taken a few ideas away from the websites and used one or two but on the whole, we have done it our way and tried to keep things as simple and “us” as possible. I am never going to feature in a wedding shoot like those in Rock and Roll Bride – and I’m so glad I’m not. I love the shoots, I love looking at them and I love the detail the couples put into their day…but oy vey I’m so glad we aren’t doing it!

Our wedding, our way, our day – shared with those we love and those who brought us together. Am I excited? Too bloody right!




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