(car) Park life

It’s a rare thing that I blog from my phone, mainly because I like having a full keyboard and time to hammer out some words. And the fact I gest distracted when I blog and end up watching a film, making tea and looking at Amazon for wedding things.

Today however, I’m sitting in front of a gate at the Bakewell Showground while Tom and his brother cycle 40ish miles around Derbyshire. I’ve eaten cinnamon buns in the car, faffed around on Facebook, Instagrammed the scenery and tried to nap in the car. The nap didn’t happen despite feeling very sleepy so there is only one thing left to do. Drink tea and read Harry Potter. Tea must run through my veins instead of blood.


I’ve got the camera with me just in case something interesting happens before the boys finish…but until then,  here’s a picture of the scenery:


Through the gate at Bakewell


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