Happy New Year. Happy Old Me

As I stood at the hob no less than 10 minutes ago, stirring the reheating risotto from last night (it was fab, Tom made it. I am redundant when creating rice based dishes), something struck me. It wasn’t the cat trying to decide if she wanted to go out after umming and ahing for the last hour, nor was it the realisation that I’ve had a shower and I’m only going to need another one later after my run. It was as I was eating said risotto straight from the pan (to save making another bowl dirty and add to the mountain of washing I have) that I realised it may be a new year, but it will always be the same me.

The Great Sea of Pots. depth 12-24 inches...depending on last nights dinner

The Great Sea of Pots. depth 12-24 inches…depending on last nights dinner

It sounds fairly obvious. I’ve not been cloned or made genetically superior or developed some amazing talent that changes who I am. People, and I include me in this statement, ultimately stay the same. We make the resolutions and unless we are amazingly disciplined, most of us will fail these to some degree but underneath it all, our personalities are fairly steady. At least, this is how I see it…you are welcome to disagree with me. The benefits of living in a democracy and all that.  So with that in mind, I thought I’d do what I do best and make a list. A list of what I am good at (those of you who have me on the Facebook will know that I made a feminist faux pas the other week. Being good in bed is not something to put at the top of the list).

I have a list of things to do today. Without structure my days tend to drift by in a haze of tea and daytime tv, not really a constructive use of a day. I have today and tomorrow off from work before I go back to the coal face (I’m secretly looking forward to it) and I’m finishing off little things I have to do: buy cat food, replace my washing up gloves*, go for a run etc.  But in addition to this list, I have another one…just to remind me that my unchanging me-ness isn’t such a bad thing…and that resolutions are really just a guide.

The List – or things I don’t mind about myself aka I’m never really going to change so why stress about them.

  • I look after animals – I’ll talk to any animal I see (except snakes and spiders – they can go and find some other sucker to make kissy kissy noises at them)
  • I try to hold doors for people rather than slam them in the face (unless its someone who is an asshat and deserves a few doors slammed into them)
  • I pay my bills on time. Yeah, thanks direct debit system. You rock!
  • I recycle – sometimes I even recycle things that can’t be recycled. Oh.
  • I’m kind to small children.
  • I work hard.
  • I try to see the good in everyone. Except Hitler. And Stalin. Oh and PolPot. You get the jist.
  • I try to look after my friends, even if it’s from afar.
  • I don’t cheat. Unless it’s a sneaky word at Scrabble and I can be clever.
  • I pick up litter. I think about asking others to pick up their litter…and then I pick up anyway.
  • I clean the fluff from the dryer filter.
  • I buy flowers for my boyfriend.
  • I make my boss coffee, or get someone else to make her coffee.
  • And…I’m good in bed.

There, that makes me feel a bit better. I have the list to finish now. A while ago, I tried to curb my list habit as it was making me insane (more so than normal). This list is a good one though.

So. Happy New Year! Same old me. And it’s not a bad me either.

Guess who? (Photo credit - Finlay Costello - www.photofin.co.uk)

Guess who?
(Photo credit – Finlay Costello – http://www.photofin.co.uk)


* I realise I write about washing up a fair bit. I’m not obsessed with it. Honest. And the only reason I mention the gloves, is to remind myself to buy more.



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