I think we’re alone now…

Unless you count the cat that is. I am having a rare and dare I say it thankfully uncommon night alone. Tom has gone to Derbyshire to a funeral and I am staying put. It is a relative I never met, with heaps of family members I have never met (and even Tom isn’t sure who they all are) and I’m still finding my feet at work so having a day off so soon wouldn’t be the best idea.

I always thought I was a fairly modern woman. I put my own bins out, can change a fuse in a plug (ditto the light bulbs), can cook a mean lasagna without the need for a jar/recipe to follow and have been known to catch the odd spider if I really really must i.e. no one else there to catch them for me. So I never really thought that having a single night on my own would be much of an issue. Turns out it’s not but I will confess I do what I would imagine most people in my situation would do: I called my mum. Yup, I called for a natter and a catch up even though we spoke yesterday and Sunday…and Friday. And I ate cheese straight out the packet, with the fridge door open.

I can see the attraction…

Mum and I have had all manner of relationships over the years. Mostly good, sometimes tense and strained, other times (although rare) despairing of each other’s ideas/actions/opinions etc. We have the best relationship now we no longer live in the same house and I know she would agree when I say the thought of living together again fills me with dread and nostalgia in equal measure. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mum and dad. I’m a very lucky person to have my parents still married and still happy, healthy and lucid when I know many people are not so lucky with elderly and ill parents. But after living away for close to 12 years, we have our own ways of doing things, our own house rules and routines and our own standards we like to keep.  Living together would be a bit much, even with copious drugs and gin. All that said, my mum is ace.

I’ll also confess I’m a bit lost without the other person being in the space we share. It is no secret I practically moved into Tom’s almost as soon as we met and weekends were either at my flat in Harrogate on “holiday” or at Tom’s or with friends. Then we moved in here and the rest is history. It is only one night and it will be over before I know it…but who would have thought this suddenly single woman would be quite so ready for company that doesn’t have a tail and whiskers?

Just you and me kid


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