Hurtling towards 30…

I realise I have been a bit quiet recently on the old blogging front, but I have a reason, or indeed many reasons. Mainly, I’ve been busy, very very busy. That excuse is not a great one I know, it is up there with “the dog ate my homework” ( I didn’t have a dog) and “the cheque is in the post” (I haven’t had a cheque book in about 3 years) but I promise on a stack of Bibles I don’t have or believe in, that is the God I also don’t believe in’s honest truth.  Work has finally levelled out into a tolerable level of crazy. I’ve stopped feeling sick when I go into the office, everyone seems to be getting on with each other and I’m busy every single minute of the 9 hours I’m there. This busy phase also means I’m sleeping like the dead – I’ve renamed the time span from 6.30pm-7pm the Bagpuss Half. Sit me on the sofa during these 30 minutes and I’m out cold – I’m in training for “nanna naps” when I hit the Golden years I’ve decided…and hell I can train for this like a pro.

When Bagpuss sleeps….

On the flip side, I have had a lot of time to think about things and as the title suggests my ever looming 30th has given me a focal point. I’ve met an amazing boymanperson (ok, so I made that word up…but he’s so much more than any one word can sum up…so he gets 3) but more about that (and there will be) later on, possibly as a post all to itself. So – 30 is coming up rather quick in the mirror and in true “me” style it’s got me thinking about a few things that I’m coming to terms with. Some things are too important to keep to myself and as an early non-birthday present from me to you I’ll share them.

  1. You are never too old to like pop music. Actually, pop music is just music for the masses. And while it might not be to everyone’s tastes, it is there for mass consumption. It is absolutely fine to like, listen to, buy and sing to pop music. Even if it is One Direction.
  2. Fast food is not the Devil’s menu. Yes it is vile, empty calories that really have no place in every day nutrition but just occasionally it fills a gap when all you crave is salty, greasy, sugary and easily available food. It doesn’t make you less of a person who likes “proper food” – honest.
  3. DVD’s are made to be watched, repeatedly. That is the whole purpose of DVDs. They want to be watched. If you want to watch the same movie 3 times in one week, then do it.
  4. No matter how good vegetables are, sometimes only roast chicken will do.
  5. It is completely fine to finish a run with a bacon sandwich and a coffee whilst still in steaming lycra and dripping wet hair.
  6. Waffles, beans and a fried egg are a totally acceptable dinner choice. Even at 29 (and a 1/2).
  7. It is never too early for fajitas. Ever.
  8. Toilet humour is always funny.
  9. As are filthy jokes. The filthier the better. Filthy jokes after sex are the best.
  10. Person over gender. Always.

So, there you have it. My random thoughts in an ever loved list format that only the crashing realisation that 30 is less than 6 months away (did I mention I was almost 30?) can solidify. I’m sure there will be more – they come to me at the most odd moments; in the supermarket, driving home, brushing my teeth, standing at the photocopier doing battle with the manual feed – all excellent thinking moments.

Sometimes, only a nanna nap will do…

3 responses to “Hurtling towards 30…

  1. I’m older than you and I completely agree with your list. It’s all good, truly. This is the second turning 30 post I’ve read today. I’ve just gotta say, chillax. It’s all good. Truly. Glad things have settled somewhat. Keep writing.

      • Ohh I don’t mean to down play your apprehension. It is what it is. You sound pretty healthy about it though, and that’s good. There are some who seem to freak out about not being married with children by 30 and I think that’s just crazy talk, in my humble opinion. I’m glad you are looking forward to it. Woo hoo!

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