It’s the little things…

No, I’m not being smutty. Yes, you know what I mean – the innuendo often muttered in relation to your ex-lover’s pant region. Although they do say it isn’t the size of the boat…but that is another post for another day…and another blog I feel.

Indeed it is…

This weekend I had my lovely friend R from uni down to see me from the wilds of Aberdeen. The last time he came down, I’d only just moved into the flat, I had no sofas and I was a rather pathetic character. We also got a bit drunk on my living room floor on blankets in lieu of sofas (not very comfy) but it was a fun weekend none the less. This time however, it was just as much fun but infinitely more comfortable given the addition of sofas and (on my part) completely tee total due to a hefty dose of antibiotics. See…the little things are not always the good things. We had a complete geek out watching The Avengers in 3D followed by a jaw stretching burger at Nation of Shopkeepers, X-Men and The Hulk, devoured a huge pot of the best chilli in the world and generally had a damn good catch up. We even managed to squeeze in a little 4 mile run on Saturday morning despite his earlier protestations of “but it’s a weekend!”

Chorizo and halloumi burger – perfect post Avengers food at Nation of Shopkeepers

I’d completely forgotten that it was a Bank Holiday Monday until last week and had formed great plans of having a long slow run this morning as part of my training for the Leeds Half Marathon this coming Sunday. As it turns out, the best laid plans are not always followed. I spent the latter part of Sunday sleeping on the sofa, not due to over-indulgence but because something has taken a shine to me and several bites out of my calf muscle. One sweat soaked, fever induced dream sleep later and I officially look exhausted. I have the antihistamine pills and cream and all the other good little pills that help with the pain but there was no way in hell I was running this morning – walking the 3 steps to my bathroom was a challenge enough.

So Bank Holiday Monday has been spent ambling slowly round a slightly drizzly town centre attempting to buy clothes that fit. As it turns out this wasn’t as painful as anticipated. Little things such as a really comfortable pair of jeans and a cut price stripey jumper in the GAP made a small smile appear. Lunch at Victus was also welcome – but as lovely as the food was, there were a number of things they could have done better. Little things, but all the little things add up to some pretty big differences. I’ll have to add a separate post in “Munchy things” but it is well worth a visit if only for the epically garlicky garlic bread – good food, good prices and a good pit stop!

Love. Life. Food. Says it all really.

But back to the little things. As I have previously blogged, I’ve been on a “lose weight, wear smaller clothes” mission since last year and slowly it seems to be working. I started out as a size 20 in denial and while I always knew I’d never be a teeny size 10, I was also hoping to be something less hippo-like than I had become. I’ll not bore you with the minutiae of how many inches I’ve lost but it was always an aim to fit clothes less like a sail cloth and more like, well, clothes. Today it happened. I officially can fit into a size 14 dress with no seams splitting, no buttons pinging off, no getting stuck half in/half out scenarios and it looked good. No, it looked great. The big reveal will only happen when I’ve not got legs looking like a two vampire bite crime scene and I’ve got the finishing bits to go with it – until then, you’ll just have to believe me. Little things, like I said, can make a world of difference.

The little things also extend to the mundane tasks we take for granted. Making bread in the bread maker is high up on the list, as is a bowl of cereal with ice-cold milk. Tea in a favourite mug (I’m still not sure why we have favourite mugs – surely anything that holds the tea is a good thing?) and unexpected bargains (a deliciously slouchy but fitted jumper reduced from £40 to £15). So…embrace the little things – wherever they appear.


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