Happy New Me…

Happy New Year dear readers. Every year it comes around and every year I’m surprised how quickly it comes around. It barely feels like I’ve had last year to deal with everything that happened and now, a whole new 12 months to fill with things to do, places to visit and people to meet and reconnect with and make new memories with.

This time last year I was a living corpse, battling a vile dose of swine flu and a temperature that made me convulse and hallucinate all at the same time. I honestly thought I was going to die and I would have gladly accepted it I was feeling that ill. Thankfully (and quite clearly) I didn’t die and equally gladly I’m glad I’m alive to tell the tale. We had to cancel our holiday to Portugal and reschedule for later in the year. The year went by with lots of changes, both good and bad and then good again. I moved out, licked my wounds, grew up, grew big, grew small(er) and then found out what I’m capable of. It turns out, I’m capable of quite a bit.

This year is the year. It is my year. This year Caroline and I are running 100 official race miles (each) for Macmillan Cancer Support and this will be the hardest physical challenge I’ve taken on. But given what I know I can do after last year, what with the almost nearly sort of dying and the wound licking and growing up, I think I can do this. No, scratch that. I know I can do this.

Your way, your rules.

So, this year I wish you all find the inner strength that you need…look inside yourself. You might just surprise yourself.



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