You can never step into the same river twice

This applies to many things, but mainly (at least in my life) it’s mainly about food. Cooking in particular (as I have blogged about before) is not something that I am not having much luck with. Spaghetti carbonara for instance. I made one a while ago, it was brilliant to the point I nearly took a picture for posterity. Sadly I didn’t take that picture but I’m now stuck. I’ve tried to recreate it a couple of times, most recently about 20 minutes ago and although tasty and minus the bacon, it wasn’t as good as that first time. I followed the same recipe, the timings were all there, there was cheese but it just lacked something, other than the bacon.

It happens with most things in life – you do something once and it is brilliant. When you go to do it again, it’s never as good as the first time. Read into this as much as you want but have a think. The 1st bite of the apple? The 1st cup of tea of the day? The 1st time you know you’re right? You get the picture. I’m not all that into the idea of fluke and luck etc and I would like to think the 1st time I made that carbonara was because I followed the recipe to the letter. And the reason it’s not working this time (or indeed the last time) was because I didn’t follow the instructions and tried to wing it. I’ll let you decide that one for yourselves.

Life is a bit like that. Some days things go right for no reason. The dishwasher runs properly, the sun shines, the car starts, work flows by and there is something good for lunch. Other days, you may start the day the same, have the same breakfast and take the same route to work but somewhere up there in the cosmos, someone/something has played a game of tiddly winks with your life and added a dose of  “screw you” for good measure. The dishwasher doesn’t rinse all the suds properly, it’s drizzly, someone has dumped a shed load of paperwork on your desk and to add insult to minor injury your colleagues want to do nothing more than wind you up beyond belief (yes, that last bit is true…and if any of you read this, which I doubt, IT’S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE).

So…life. Nothing can ever be the same once it has been done the first time, even if you follow the recipe to the last full stop. All you can you is make the best of the situation you have at the time – and remember the first time with a smile.


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