Cooking…and other things to avoid whilst neurologically challenged

I like to consider myself a fairly decent cook. I’m no Michelin star material and I’ll never win Masterchef or Come Dine with Me but I’ve never starved and I’ve even kept small children well fed and adequately nourished. However it would seem that this “skill” is dependant on one small thing – not being dizzy and without a permanent headache. Ok, that’s two things but they are as important as each other. But the past couple of days I’ve had a headache that just won’t react to pain killers and I’ve been dizzer than a spinning top and this does not help with the thinking about what to eat or indeed (as the post suggests) the actual cooking part of it.

I had a bag of spinach in the fridge that was rapidly turning into soup so dinner had to be spinach based and preferably with something else to make it more interesting. Spinach loves pasta and mushrooms so I attempted a variation on a spinach/cheese pasta sauce with mushrooms. Big mistake. I burnt my hand on the spinach, the sauce split (word to the wise, mozzerella is not a good cheese for sauce) I got spinach stuck in the whisk and tipped most of the spaghetti into the sink and then burnt my other hand on retrieving the spaghetti from the sink.

Add to that I’ve managed to get sauce everywhere and it wasn’t actually that nice in the end (and I have enough for another 3 fricking meals) my cooking episode was not a sucessful one. And there’s the rub…it’s hard cooking for one. Cooking for 6 is a doddle. 12? No problem. However, creating a dinner for just one without having to eat it 4 days running, twice a day is not as easy. It should be taught in schools along with “How to Survive a Breakup”, “What to do when the best friend muscles in on the man/girl you like” and the all important “What not to wear under a white shirt” lesson. I’m thinking of writing a White Paper and finding an MP to take this to the top…because “we’re all in this together” apparently. Unless you’re alone, in which case it’s just you and a vat of spinach sauce.

EDIT: I have sunk to new lows. Just found a piece of cold spaghetti…in my hair. Yes. In. My. Hair.

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