This much I know…

When I started this blog all the way back in the Spring I thought it was going to be about my life as a single not quite 30 year old, a life of solitude, loneliness, possible boredom and maybe (and only half hoping) some dating. As it has turned out, I’ve done very little dating and my life has been far from lonely or boring and certainly not without some surprises – mostly surprising myself with how much I really can do by myself.

I’ve learnt a few things along my little life detour and although it is ridiculously self-indulgent and more than a little self centred I thought I’d share them with you, my few but wonderful blog readers (imagine this in the Baz Luhrmann “Sunscreen” style that we all know and love)

  • Life is never as scary as it seems – remember this when you are awake at 3am and are unsure why you are on this planet and feel about as big as an ant. You are loved by someone, usually more than one someone.
  • You are stronger than you give yourself credit for – and by this I mean both mentally and physically. If you’d told me a month ago I’d be running 3 times a week and would actually LOVE it I’d have laughed. Mental strength is a little harder. But the tears will stop, the smile will return and you will get through the hard times.
  • Friends can be found in the least likely places and with the most insane hair colours. Don’t judge people by the little things – they may just be ones who save your life (you know who you are girls!)
  • Never underestimate the power of your own intuition. It is the most powerful thing you can listen to and it seldom turns out to be wrong.

As I went out on my run tonight I met my neighbour from the flat above me coming back from his run and we stopped briefly to chat. Now he is possibly one of the fittest guys I’ve seen in a while (and I’m not talking fit = hot, just really healthy fit). He’s seen me out for a run when I first started this running/getting healthy malarkey and he was very encouraging and lovely even though I was only out for 10 minutes and I looked like I was about to have a stroke.

And tonight, more lovely words of encouragement – the best words a novice runner can hear “keep at it – you’re doing really well”. And I realised he was right. I was doing really well! I was taking charge of my life, of my body and I was deciding where I was going. I ran to my next mental break point with a huge grin on my face.

My final “thing that I know” – that sometimes it’s not the person or the relationship that is wrong, it can also be the situation and the timing. Timing is everything.

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