The sofa and the slanket

The slanket – a thing of complete wonder. A thing so inspired it even got a line in a Bruno Mars song (although he calls it a Snuggie – no it’s a Slanket. A blanket with sleeves). However, mine is actually a Snuggie…I’ll upgrade to a Slanket when I can…see here for the argument between the Slanket and the Snuggie

I am currently sitting on the sofa ensconsed in my Slanket watching “Julie and Julia” because my freeview box is deciding to not receive anything other than Top Gear and I really cannot be arsed to go and do battle with the SCART lead, the aerial or both at the same time. I also cannot be bothered to try and start a brand new film because I intend to go to bed earlier than the last couple of nights.  And the beauty of being single is actually being able to watch the same damn film over and over again, even though I might have seen it 3 times the previous week/day/month (delete as applicable).

And as those of you who know me can confirm, I can watch the same film a bazillion times over and then watch it again. And my long suffering ex, C, had to put up with my reluctance to watch something new and watched on sufferance the same film over and over again. So now I am positively revelling in the familiarity of the old favourites…minus the rolling eyes and annoyed sighs.

And I get the entire slanket to myself…bliss. Oh and the joy of seeing the divine Meryl Streep chopping onions like a demon and the glorious Stanley Tucci as her besotted husband. Bon appetit!

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