Woman down…

So after my last post, things started moving. And by things I mainly mean me. I started running and (helpfully?) had my gait checked at Up & Running. Turns out my feet really are screwed. I am an overpronator, quite a severe one at that. Which of course, means I need new trainers, which of course  are stupidly expensive. So of course I’m not getting them just yet and I’m running with the old shoes and crossing my fingers that the shoes don’t really make that much difference. Any of you who know differently, hush. I don’t want to hear it.

So the week I started the running lark was the most humid we’ve had in a long time and possibly not the best conditions for a new girl to the running gang. But I was very proud (if not incredible sweaty) that I went out for 3 runs in the week. And then a brisk walk on Sunday helped with the muscles not cramping up. But this week was another story altogether.

I am currently dosed to the eyeballs on antibiotics and pain relief and cried off my run on Friday as well as Wednesday. I feel terrible, grumpy and cheated. And sluggish. And I never thought I would look forward to doing something I hate and I’m rubbish at. But there it is. I am actually enjoying my runs, and really want to get better and get back out there.

On the plus side, I lost 2.8kg – and I am now under 90kg. Only another 12.2kg to go. Can it be done? Damn skippy it can be.


One response to “Woman down…

  1. Go you!!! And don’t worry about having to take days off. The best lesson I learned from stupidly and majorly injuring myself is that it’s better to miss a run when you know you’re not up to it, than do it and then have to miss weeks or even months more (learning the difference between ‘I can’t be bothered’ and needing genuine rest can be tricky though!)

    We’ve finally found our stride and while it’s still not always easy, I actually feel like a runner now! It’s a good job as it’s only 5 weeks to the Great North Run!!! We’ve even given up chocolate, and tonight is the last of wine (or any alcohol) until we’ve done it!!! Hoping that my hips and bum might get a bit smaller, so far it’s only my waist & tummy that are improving!!!

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