Operation 15kg

My blogging habits are less than impressive, the same goes for my exercise habits.  To be brutally honest, both are rubbish. I neither blog nor exercise anywhere near enough and this is nothing other than sheer laziness and lack of inspiration. However, my “reawakening” was supposed to be about my new single life, and part of that is about looking after myself and treating my body properly. So far all I have done is drink stupid amounts, smoke too much and complain that I am not losing weight. ENOUGH. IS. ENOUGH.

My lovely friend S is staying this weekend and I’ve not seen her in a year and the last time we were together we went surfing after a night out on the lash – brilliant fun but it is a once a year (if that) and that is not enough exercise. Not for someone who eats the amount of carbs that I do. S on the other hand is forever doing something whether it’s running or biking or kayaking or wakeboarding. Now, I am not about to become a sport/fitness/exercise addict but the time has come to do something.

I have running pants, I have running shoes. I even have a running bra – the problem is I hate running. But this is no excuse. I have downloaded silly trancy/clubby/bouncy music that I know I will need to keep me going. I have signed up to a free website (www.myfitnesspal.com), I’ve logged how much weight I have to lose to reach my goal of lighter but still curvy and I am determined this time around to actually do it. Not only does the site allow me to track my exercise and weight, but it also allows me to log what I eat and shows a breakdown of carbs, protein and fats and an overall calorie tracker. For those that know me, this might have you all rolling around on the floor laughing because I am the biggest calorie ignorer and I am completely addicted to carbs. The site has shown that I need approximately 1700 calories a day and by logging what I eat it will give me a real idea of what I am actually eating – because we all know that eating in the dark/on a Sunday/with your eyes closed means the calories don’t count, right? Wrong. Turns out they do. Damn.

So, after this weekend, which frankly is a write off and I am treating as my last “to hell with it” weekend it is out with the old, can’t be arsed me and in with having a reduced calorie intake, with actually wearing my running bra when I’m running not just when I run out of clean underwear and hopefully the start of a smaller, healthier me. But not too much smaller – honest.

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