The boys watch the girls while the girls watch the boys who watch the girls go by…

Yes, the title is rather long and also more than a little difficult to say even when sober (it’s easier to sing it) but it is suddenly the internal theme tune to my life.

This blog was supposed to be an account of my suddenly single life at 28 and I’ll hold my hands up and say that I have been very poor at documenting this new state of being. So, after a few false starts, some heartfelt chats with friends and one rather bruising incident I decided to make good on my promise and will be blogging in a more regular fashion. And it will be about the single life – mine to be precise.

It turns out that men and women, although the same species no matter what the glossy magazines will have you believe, really are from totally different (metaphorical) planets. The playing field of singledom is littered with traps and the various wounded individuals that have been caught in them. I though, mistakenly, that my single life would be plain sailing. A bit of flirting, a bit of drinking, a bit of dating and a bit of, well you know.  What I forgot to think about was the dynamics of men and women having been out of the dating game (with either gender) for close to 10 years.

My dating skills are rusty to say the least and it would seem that dating has moved on in 10 years. OK so the premise is the same but the actual date itself and the build up seems to have changed…although that could just be me that’s changed/got older/wiser/more cynical and not the actual dating procedure itself. Having said that the world of online dating is a whole new ball game and one that I am not sure I know the rules to. Yes, I have signed myself up to various online dating sites, with varying degrees of sucess. was the first foray into the online dating world and out of it I managed 2 dates with a lovely woman who has become a friend but not much more beyond a good night kiss. This is not a bad thing however and  a girl can never have too many friends. is a funny site and not in a laugh til you cry sort of way. It seems to throw out the weirdest of “matches” – Marrakesh was a long distance relationship that was never going to work.

So now I’m trying a new tack -but until something actually happens I’m keeping quiet about it.



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