A brave new world….with added blonde

Forgive me oh Holy Blog for I have sinned. It has been nearly 2 months since my last confession (sorry post) and to be honest there has been alot I have wanted to blog about but for various reasons haven’t…the main reason I think has been being too bloody shattered and too bloody busy having fun.

The move to Harrogate went as well as could be expected in terms of moving. Other than the washing machine not working, the fridge freezing everything (including the potatoes…incidently potatoes do NOT defrost well) and the freezer freezing nothing, the hooks not hooking…the move went ok. The fridge/freezer and washing machine went back, the new ones were delivered and then the phone line was eventally reconnected to the right number and not the guy down the street. Who said moving was stressful?? Add to that the lack of the sofas (they were eventually delivered by 2 of the loveliest guys) it was all an experience not to be repeated any time soon.

I have since had house guests, a trip away to my folks, work stuff (complete with a couple of shifts at a pub), cooking in my kitchen incidents (the oven no longer trips out when it gets too hot…always a bonus) and most recently an almost all night bleaching of the hair session, complete with music, muffins and merriment.

As I write this I am sitting on my very own sofa, with my feet up on the rescued coffee table from my parents garage, watching my own TV with very blonde hair and I am happy.

I never thought I would enjoy living on my own, much less embrace it as much as I have been doing recently. It came as a bit of epiphany to be honest…one Saturday morning a few weeks ago. The radio was on, it was warm and sunny and I was dancing round the flat (whilst brishing my teeth…try it one day, not as easy as it sounds) and it hit me like a train. Happy. Looking round the flat I found myself grinning the biggest grin. Things fell into place. I could do this. I could and indeed am doing it on my own…but I am far from alone. I have made some lovely friends, both in and out of work. Life is good.

And as for the blonde…it was high time I went back to my “natural” state – and blondes really do have more fun! Come and see me in the bar if you have a spare Saturday night


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