T minus 36 hours…and counting

So I am now 36 hours away from the final move to Harrogate and to be honest, the packing is not going brilliantly. I would even go so far as saying it is fairly abysmal and I have packed and moved exactly 3 boxes. Admittedly there is not much to pack given that I have no furniture and very few “things”, I have actual furniture being delivered at some point after the move  and I have now got a bed ready to sleep in thanks to my work-mate Mr A.

In addition to this there are numerous bags, loose bits and pieces, and god knows how many pictures, glasses and plates. All of which I am moving in my car, mainly on my own. Now bearing in mind I usually go to pieces unless I have 8 lists on the go at any one time, I am doing this with not a single list in sight. Possibly a move I will be regretting on Saturday night when I realise I’ve left something important behind – but I guess I can always go back for it…the benefits of only moving 18 miles and having a friend stay in the house when you’ve gone.

My mum, my long suffering, ever patient and understanding mum is coming up tomorrow to aide and abett in the moving shenanigins and it will either be hilarious and an event to recount for months to come or something we never speak of again, a bit like the Monopoly games we had with my sister as kids…we STILL do not speak of those games; that poor Scottie dog playing piece was flung so hard he never really recovered.

What we have left to move is pretty much as follows:

  • crockery/silverware
  • kitchen bits
  • soft stuff
  • chest of drawers
  • pictures
  • random bits of stuff that I never knew I had

So…bed time for me…early start tomorrow. If you happen to be passing and see a woman swearing into the boot of a blue Golf trying to play possession Jenga wave and say hi.

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