28 years, 8 hours and 40 minutes old…

Happy Birthday Shaftora

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So today was the big day for which this blog was named. My 28th birthday. Nothing major, certainly not a “big” one but certainly an important one, especially as 3 years ago I was a big mess of illness and misery and honestly didn’t think I would be making it to 28. So…here I am. Sitting on my sofa, crying. Well, there is always one girl crying at the end of the night and it might as well be the birthday girl.

I’ve had some lovely messages from friends I’ve made all over the shop, my parents and brothers have made me laugh with their very apt cards and apparently I made my grandfather’s day by admitting to him I could still speak French and also could understand him speaking it to me.

And a lovely birthday present in the form of my friend, J, who despite not seeing for over a year came for birthday dinner/catch up. She never fails to make me smile and I will always thank her for being my friend, through the good and the bad (and we’ve had bits of both).

But for now, I will go to bed, and wait another 364 day until the next birthday. And hopefully, the next one will be very different, but for all the right reasons.

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