Hello world!

Well the title is actually quite appropriate. At nearly 28 (and for the first time in my adult life) I find myself newly single and soon to be living alone in a new town.

I had daydream a few days ago that I would be writing a blog about approaching 30 (soonish at any rate), and also writing about the experience of being single for more than a month, which has never happened to me before. But it is also a blog about deciding what I want for my future. My future is not something I gave too much thought to until a few years ago and then more recently my future is all I can think about. Marriage, kids, settling down – normal, ordinary things that if I want them, I need to work out who I am first.

If I am to give my all to having a family, then I need to discover who I am, and I need to do things that probably can’t be done as easily once a small person joins the party. Going to New York, going to Canada, revisiting Kenya are only 3 things that I can think of but there is so much more.

So, with less that 4 weeks to go until I move into a flat all on my own, there are more than a few things that I need to do, and get, and sort out. Today was day 1 of the “lets get things going” regime. A trip to IKEA (ultimately unavoidable) resulted in nothing purchased other than coffee and strawberry tart, a jaunt across to DFS where I heard the recent housing crisis of the lovely Matt who sold me not 1 but 2 sofas (take note, one is a sofabed so visitors please send me your reservation emails soon!), a short hop across the pavement found me rolling around countless beds in the Dreams store and suddenly Linda, equally-as-lovely-as-Matt-from-DFS had sold me my own (first) bed (with storage) and a mattress and over £100 of bed linen (for free – always a bonus). We all agreed that we had made each other very happy…if not unequally balanced in the finances department. It was also the most fun that can be had in public with a piece of plastic and get to keep all your clothes on – don’t believe me? Try it sometime, I dare you.

Given the social requirement for clean clothes and the nicety of a full fridge, a Blue Moon moment followed – washing machine and fridge freezer was duly added to the list. Although the new beginnings, beds and bum resting perches (sofa doesn’t alliterate too well) I want the finishing touches to have some character – to have been previously loved and lovingly rehomed. I have a sneaky feeling that my pay cheque will be rapidly swallowed in Rising Sun Trading Post, an incredible reclaimed furniture store that Kirstie Allsopp (all hail and bow down to the Goddess of Interior Improvements) would move into and refuse to leave . I refuse to name what I have my eye on for fear of it being rehomed before I can go back – fingers crossed that if it was meant to be in my life, it will be there when I go back.

The new beginnings have started, the new adventures are in action and I look forward to sharing the highs and the lows and the bits in between with you.




One response to “Hello world!

  1. We will make sure there are plenty of the highs and with the territory comes the lows but they will be few and fare between. Harrogate welcomes you with open arms.

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